Welcome to GlassWing Counseling and Wellness, LLC. 


I am glad you are here. We are located at 400 2nd Street South, Suite 125, Princeton, MN, 55371.

Beginning counseling is a positive step in the right direction.  It takes strength, courage, and a will to want to improve your life.

When a person starts feeling overwhelmed by a problem, or by feelings that cannot be fully understood, it may be time to turn to a professional counselor for help. At GlassWing Counseling & Wellness, we can provide much-needed assistance to those who are struggling with difficult circumstances.

If you’re not sure whether to keep wrestling with your situation or to enlist the help of a counselor, here are indicators that professional help may be needed:

1. Your emotions are getting out of control. It may be that you have sunk into a deep depression from which you are unable to escape. Feelings of loneliness, despair, hopelessness, and desperation may wash over you at any time of the day or night. Thoughts of suicide may trouble you with increasing frequency.

2. Your everyday routine may be affected. You have gained weight or lost your appetite. You might lie awake at night worrying. You have difficulty concentrating at work or home. All of this suggests that you are having trouble managing your mental processes.

3. Your relationships may be suffering or falling apart. You might withdraw affection or communication. Or you could be taking out your frustrations inappropriately on those you care about.

4. Your daily schedule may be impacted. You are now arriving late for appointments or canceling some of them. You sleep more than usual. Your memory may be diminished. When you are having trouble managing routine tasks, it’s time to make an appointment with a counselor.

There is no shame or embarrassment in talking with a counselor. Millions of people seek counseling help every year for problems ranging from depression, relationships or loss of self-esteem. Don’t continue to suffer needlessly when help is just a phone call away. Soon you will begin to feel better, and then you’ll wonder why you waited so long.  Call or email us now.  612-787-2212 or glasswingcounseling@gmail.com

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