Butterfly Wings

The life cycle of a butterfly can be a great analogy of how we live our own lives.  Butterflies start as a very small, helpless and are only able to crawl on the ground.  But they end up beautiful and able to fly with the wind.  The process is not easy.   There is work to do and the butterfly does it well.

Butterflies begin as eggs, then change to caterpillars.  Caterpillars have to shed their skin as they outgrow it, they do this several times.  Such is also the process for us, to become the person we are meant to be.  We go through many layers during our lives, each time, shedding our old skin to allow new growth.

The chrysalis stage is one in which there is little movement.  (Isn’t that a beautiful word, Chrysalis?  Funny how the Chrysalis is actually a very difficult place to be and yet it is also the place where we will reinvent ourselves.)  Change does not come easy, but it will happen.  Definitely, in life, we get to a point where we just want to curl up into a warm little ball and stay there, where it is safe.  Of course we won’t grow and we won’t be all that we are meant to be, but we will be safe.  What kind of life is that?  It surely isn’t a life fully lived.  So, after awhile of resting in our warm place, we someway somehow, find the will to begin again, to want to leave our chrysalis.

When emerging, the butterfly uses a liquid which softens the shell of the chrysalis.  I think the “liquid” for us can be adding counseling services.  Counseling can help soften the hard outer shell that most of us guard ourselves with so that we won’t be hurt. Additionally, the butterfly uses two sharp claws to help make its way out.  (Did you know that butterflies have sharp claws and that you too will need to use your sharp claws to get out of that stuck place that you are in?)  The adult butterfly emerges from this and expands its wings by pumping haemolymph into the wings veins. Similarly, we have to crawl out of bed and begin pumping blood into our veins to get going.

Having emerged from the chrysalis, the butterfly will usually sit on the empty shell in order to expand and harden its wings. Yes, this new beautiful self that we will be may be difficult too, but before we begin our flight, we will harden our wings so that we are ready for the journey.  Don’t worry, I know that you felt protected by your tough outer self, but did you know that a butterflies beautiful wings are made out of scales that still protect it.  The scales don’t hold it back like the tough shell of the chrysalis did, the scales are there to reflect light so that it’s beautiful colors will shine.

Metamorphosis is really the whole series of changes that a butterfly, or person, has to undergo in order to change.

My question to you is this…after you have emerged from your chrysalis, after you have gone through a metamorphosis and you see your beautiful self, What Color Are Your Wings?




Just a couple of interesting facts, a butterfly’s sense of taste is 200 times stronger than humans.

The ancient Greek word for “butterfly” is ψυχή which means “soul”.[

Butterflies also symbolize rebirth.

Some people say that when a butterfly lands on you it means good luck.






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